Training Schedule

With cricket training still on Tuesday and Thursday this week that will see Oval 1 and 2 out of bounds from 5:15pm on those days, with anyone in those time slots encouraged to train either earlier if possible or off-site for this week. Cricket will be finished as of Sunday and from next week we have full access to the ovals in preparation for the start of the season.

The U17’s have at least half the ground on Thursday night with the 3 girls teams accommodating the other half together, which the coaches are aware of.

Craige Milward and Mick Bluhm will have 2-3 occasions throughout the season where they will have to shorten their Friday night session due to Auskick being run.

Lights are expected in July sometime on Oval 3 which will make a massive difference to this exercise.

Thanks, Langwarrin Junior Football Club